Martin Chiropractic Clinic Saint Charles IL 60174

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Martin Chiropractic Clinic Address
1601 E Main St, Saint Charles, IL 60174

Martin Chiropractic Clinic Phone
(630) 332-2736

Martin Chiropractic Clinic Map

Martin Chiropractic Clinic in St. Charles, IL has been serving the Fox Valley community since 1981.

Our goal is to eliminate pain and restore the body to optimal health. The human body consists of millions of tiny cells that combine together to form tissue. The type of cell determines the type of tissue such as fat, muscle, bone, etc. When an injury occurs to any part of the body, tissue damage occurs. The healing process of the body is dependent on many factors including the severity, location and extent of the tissue damage, age, overall physical health and the type of intervention (medical treatment).

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