Electronic Transfer Inc Spokane WA 99202

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Electronic Transfer Inc Address
3107 E Mission Ave, Spokane, WA 99202

Electronic Transfer Inc Phone
(877) 491-4996

Electronic Transfer Inc Map

Electronic Transfer, Inc. is a leading Credit Card Processing Company with 25 years’ experience setting up Merchant Accounts and Internet Check Processing through-out the United States. We work with over 2,000 shopping cart companies. Website integration is easy. Turn your webpage into a 24/7 salesman.

Electronic Transfer offers low cost Credit Card and Debit Card Processing for Internet, Mail Phone Order, Trade Show, Mobile, and Retail Merchants. We work with hundreds of different Verifone, Hypercom,and Nurit Credit Card Terminals, as well as many FDR approved Point of Sale systems. This makes reprogramming easy for merchants who want to use our services to save money and get better customer service.

ETI is a merchant bankcard organization that provides services to businesses so that their customers can pay them with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express Card as well as Electronic Checks, Debit Card Payments, and Private Label Gift Cards. ETI also processes Non-Cash Transactions for Internet Businesses, Mail – Phone Order Merchants, and Retail Point-of-Sale Merchants. For more information, visit Electronic Transfer’s website.

ETI offers a Free Merchant Account to Merchants who need their Card Terminal Reprogrammed. In many cases this can happen the same day you apply, with No Application Fees. We have reprogrammed thousands of Card-Swipe Terminals since this special started.

ETI uses its own secure Payment Gateway. This gives merchants a real advantage because they connect their website easily, & quickly to a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Server to process orders online. FastCharge offers Secure Internet Credit Card and Check Processing through an on-line Virtual Terminal. FastCharge also works with over 2000 different Shopping Carts including ZenCart, oscommerce, OpenCart, Virtual Mart – Joomla, and many more. We even have a free hosted shopping cart for smaller Internet Merchants. For single item merchants our "Buy Now" butt

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